St. Mary's Basilica Choir

P H O T O S T R A T I O N ®

Holiday Choir Schedule:

Sunday December 13th (3rd Sunday of Advent) 11 a.m. mass   

Saturday December 20th - 5 p.m. mass

6 p.m. - Carols in the Fraternal Garden

Wednesday Devember 24th (Christmas Eve)

11 p.m.- Community  Carol Singing

Midnight mass

Thursday December 25th (Christmas Day) - 11 a.m. mass

Sunday December 28th (Holy Family) - 11 a.m. mass

Sunday January 4th (Epiphany) - 9 a.m. mass

Sunday January 11th (Baptism of Jesus) - 11 a.m. mass

Please and join us in the lovely celebration and beautiful music at these masses. Hope to see you there.

This schedule will be updated as information is available.

Congratulations to Richard And Shannon Garcia (alto with the choir) on their 25th wedding anniversary

December 20th 2008

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