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P- PHOTOSTRATION® Entrance                                              

Entrance page that is Holiday

and Event sensitive                                                              



What I need from you to

realize your  fantasy.   

Basic information about


and what  is needed to

produce this art.



Examples of the Art.

Spirit Works

Beauties & Beasties

Self portrait

The Others

T - Advertising and Graphic


Examples from our graphic

art days, past and present.                                


Music Cd Covers

Super Shuttle


Studio Self Promotion Series

Greeting Cards

General Advertising

O - Artist Biography                                                           

Basic background and


S - Strictly Personal    

The near and dear.  

NEW!! "Go Fly A Kite"

picnic in Papago Park  held on

October 4th

Our Friends and Loved

Ones in the U.K.

Old & New Friends

The Family

Party's & Celebrations

St. Mary's Basilica Choir

T - "Off the Wall Web Design"   

Samples and information

about my own brand of web

page design.    





R- ALAN ROTH and other artists

Artworks by other artists

featuring great imagination.                          


Oma Ziegenfuss ( Georg Schafer)

(Including a new more

accurate bio courtesy

his  wife Mani)

Tony Mlsna (New photos

added 12/31/08)

New artist!!  Joan Labette

(New photos of work added

June 2009)

Another New artist!! Just

added Catherine Stenhjem

A - Antiques and Collectables 

My other obsession..

other then art...

Antiques and things

of a curious nature...





Ethnic Collections


Bric a Brac


The Girls

Alans other obsession

Alans Shavers

T - N.Y. State of Mind                                                        

My home, roots and fond

memories.  A look at some

fascinating places on the East coast.

Our  New York trip:

Photos of My New York! New

June 2009. The beauty of the ocean.

Photos of  the lovely Jersey coast.

Alan's 40th high  school  reunion.

High school of Music & Art in


Personal reunion with dear East

Coast friends in New Jersey, 

New York City and Long Island.




Single Pages

Aidan's Photos

Aidan is a very talented young

man residing in Scotland that

has a terrific eye.                                           

I - Favorite Links 

This page showcases other

web pages that support a

worthy cause, recommended 

services,  places of interest

or just for the fun of it.

O - My Book

"Six Bricks Short A Load"  

A sneak peek  at one of my pet

projects that has been long



Contact & Comment                  

A place to tell me what

is on your mind.

How may we help you?   

Visitor Survey

Thank You

Recognition and appreciation

in the form of a thank you.


Trademark & Copyright

Trademark notice for


Single Submenu Pages


A fun page placed just about

dead center featuring some

wonderful videos courtesy of

Jib Jab and You Tube. Some

of these will be rotated seasonally

or just to keep current.

(Just for fun) from

You Tube and Jib Jab

for your entertainment. 

Each  month  we

will explore Holidays,

Traditions and Joys

of the season.

Have fun with it!

courtesy of  You Tube.

My New York trip:

Photos of My New York! New..

June 2009.

The beauty of the ocean.

Photos of the lovely  Jersey coast.

Alan's 40th high school reunion.

High school of Music & Art in


Personal reunion with dear

East Coast friends

New photos! Many Thanks

to them all for their love

and hospitality!

My Photos

This page starts out with New

Orleans photos, will be added

to and changed out periodically.

Featured also are  photos of  

Flagstaff and a few locations

in Caifornia.

New!! Photos of my cacti garden

from my hacienda in Phoenix

just added 7/09.

My Scottish Photos

These photos I took while in

Scotland. Among these locations

were Irvine  near the sea,

Loch Ness, Kilwinning.

and Glasgow.

My Irish Photos

These photos were taken in

Ireland the  four glorious

days I spent in the Dublin area.

Included are  Dublin,

Blessington, and Glen

De LochWe toured Dublin

on a double decker bus and

stopped  off at the Guiness

factory and visited a old Irish

prison. New photos added

2/23/09. See that prison in

the motion picture "In the

Name of the Father"

starring Daniel Day Lewis.

NEW!: 2 promotions for my "HouseLift"


of Entrance pages from

then and now.

NEW!! The Life center. check

out the plans.

For Sale: EtsyBrass Armadillo

New!! Visit my Capture My Arizona.

A great site for showcasing wonderful

local photographers.