The sick child in page 24

A Humpty Dumpty Ballet -1978

or (The Tumor, discovered 2004)

The dance of death of deads


ODD Work

The knowledge of the dead

(birthday gift to my


The Sarahtaenia Tapeworm

(art therapy series project)


In Belgium

Elizabeth Classified

A Joseph Cornell Ballet



Irony Unintended

Nessos and Deieneira

In my school play

Child-self with muses

Stacked and bound myselves

and Lethenia, with unwritten

spells (circa early 1970's)

Taking Death


Sappho and Medea

The Suicide

The enchanted grotto of

Erosodlupa (for Dolores

Houston of NYC Ballet)

pas de trois/danse fantastique

(surviving b & w copy, orig. gift for

Dolores Houston of NYC Ballet)


Erosodlupa dancing

(portrait of Dolores Houston

of NYC Ballet, circa 1977)

I comforted by Hatshepsut

Two figures looking to the left

La Valse

Breakfast with Odilon

The Lady Keira's hands

(from a tomb wall)

arm and hand of the Princess Alexis


Invitation to dance -no.2

Legs of the Princess Na-tale

Finding Emma

An invitation for the dance

(variation from original)

circa late 1990's, (2007)

The Princess Na-tale

Relief in the temple

of the Goddess Dru

Akhenaten painting a

daughter's toenails

attributed to Hatshepsut

(from a newly found 'fragment')

An Amarna dancer no.2

Two Amarna princesses


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