What I need from you to realize your fantasy.

P H O T O S T R A T I O N ®

Where brush,camera and mouse meet with sometimes unexpected results!

For custom orders:

*A good photo (color or B& W)    

*In depth biography or history of individual that will pertain to the artwork.

This I may obtain through personal interview or it may be garnered by other means.

What I will give you:

I will supply sketches (3 up to 6), for concept and approval. You may keep these at

completion and payment  of contract along with the original artwork. Then the final canvas,

stretched on wood that you may frame as you wish.

Fee schedule and time table Arrangement:

This is individual as the art itself and is negotiated on a per project basis.

Factors figured into each price quote include;

*Outside vendor costs                *Research time                 *Travel time             *Preliminary sketches

*Size of finished art              *Materials                

Please note:

If a good photograph is not available please arrange with a photographer of your choice to do a session

and do let me know so that I could be available to work with the photographer to do the setup to best

advantage. if you would prefer I could help to hook you up with a photographer who is skilled at

working with people. Also be aware I do work with compositing of images, so it is not unusual in one

project to utilize several photos with respect of course to copyright.

There are also Limited Edition Originals available as well as 8.5 x11 high quality prints.

Ask if you have an interest.

For more details or any further details please call Eileen at 602.234.1598

or email me at photostration@gmail.com or stration@gmail.com

Thank you. I look forward to doing business with you.

Sincerely, Eileen Ferrone Roth

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