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Photo montage above of New York courtesy Aidan Donnelly, a very gifted young friend

of ours from Scotland.If you would like to see more of Aidan's

photography please click here.


Greetings from Eileen Ferrone Roth

My husband Alan and I miss the pulse of Manhattan and the infinite number of exciting things to do there. So please find a few 

of our favorite sites in the links below and explore with us the culture and diversity  available only in "The City That Never Sleeps".

New York City has to have some of the best restaurants on the planet. Among  them in Yorkville (our old neighborhood) in the

upper 80's was Dorrians Red Hand Grill.  Perhaps infamous from the days  of the preppy murder case, this is a charming place with

really good food and a lively atmosphere. It is a must when we visit the city. Actually there are so many fantastic restaurants

it is hard to choose. New York's multi-ethnic culture  is fascinating. Every society, from every corner of the planet seem to be

represented. Chinatown, Little Italy, Yorkville (German town) are but a few of our diversities.

Cultural Mass

Much music has been written in honor of this fascinating city. So many musicians and artist have sprung from this culturally

diverse environment. Billy Joel grew up and around Cold Spring Harbor Long Island, New York. I was his neighbor

and lived down the street from his bass guitarist Doug Stegmeyer.  Billy Joel has always been a favorite. To view

the lyrics, click the link above the N.Y. N.Y. logo, to hear the song click on the control bar above the logo.

The city is home to many interesting Art Galleries and Auction Houses as well as museums, Broadway shows, Deli's, Cafe's,

Night Clubs, Parks, and a zoo or two. New York's Central Park has always been an oasis of nature in the bustling city

and the Central Park Zoo has been a quaint wild - life addition. For many, the city's wide variety of religious

and spiritual sites offer much comfort and are of great interest to many visitors. Two  of our favorites

are St. Patricks Cathedral. and   St. Bartholomew's, (remember the film "Arthur" with Dudley Moore?).

Alan and I used to visit on lunch hours when we  worked nearby. Simply beautiful and peaceful!

We also enjoy Sothebys auction house with these marvelous antiques on the block! When navigating the city there are

subways and  plenty of cabs to get around town but bear in mind for romance nothing beats a Hanson Cab ride

around Central park. then perhaps stop at Tavern On The Green for a cocktail.

On the Outskirts:  Long Island

Like Billy Joel I grew up on Long Island. It was truly suburbia, small and not totally developedat that time,

possessing a distinct charm.  There was a lot to do there, Where ever you lived on Long Island, the ocean

or the Long Island Sound was always  accessible. We really had 4 seasons and the ocean  (something we do

not have in Phoenix  AZ). The port townslike Glen Cove, Cold Spring Harbor, and the Hamptons were

wonderful hangouts  especially on the weekends.

This  page is in loving dedication to that amazing place.                                                              

Alan’s View 

(My husband)

The perception that New York City, particularly Manhattan, exists as a perennial breeding ground for noise, pollution, elbow to 

elbow masses of impolite humanity... and more noise, need only to find their own space of beautiful, even reflective quiet.

Two  loving shrines, that became personal spaces growing up from my first school trips, through college and far into

professional  adulthood were and still are housed in one massively famous museum. Though both shrines are part

of this museum, they are actually miles apart. Resting on a slab of incredibly rich real estate on 5th Avenue

facing 84th street and it's grand rear entrance at Central Park east is the Metropolitan Museum of Art

(Aka The Met or MMA)

Alan's First Place of Quiet Reflection.

Go to the south end of the museum to the Greek and Roman Collections of The Met. You needn't go any further than the

small intimate galleries of Amphora and Krater vases of 6th and 7th centuries B.C. Greece some of which are even

signed  by their ancient genius potters! You can spend years coming here and count the number of people

that have come and gone on two hands. The Amphora vases (red-ochre with black figures) are

absolutely amazing. You can become totally alone with the quiet dignity of the ancients

and soon you may hear yourself think with such crystal clarity you can

feel at peace with an inner energy.

Alan's Second Place of Quiet Reflection.

Same museum but you're now several miles away to the North of Manhattan overlooking the Hudson River. The no. 4 Madison

Avenue bus will take you all the way up to this little place of paradise in the city. We come to Fort Tryon Park, a hilltop retreat

that is named after the Revolutionary War Fort that bears its name to guard against invasio from across the river from a

place called "Joyzee" (New Jersey to those using the kings english). In time the site went through transformations,

eventually taking the form of a  convent. It has morphed to it's present glory as The Cloisters. This houses the

Medieval Collections of the Metropolitan. It is noted for its outdoor Cloister Gardens. As famous as the

gardens are, one hasn't lived until you are in front of the Cloister's most prized treasure

The Unicorn Tapestries. You can also meander  through rooms of arms and armor,

sculpture and sacred art as well as a  wonderful re-creation from original

materials of a Medieval chapel. You feel sacred energy and sublime peace.

You would never know from your location that you are in the concrete jungle!

The Bronx

Alan grew up in the Bronx which is a city borough  where  he spent his first 30 years. Much of his boyhood 

revolved  around art, theYankees, and the Rangers.  Admittedly a somewhat strange combination. As a child

he would look into center field of  Yankee Stadium from the roof of grandma and grandpa’s apartment building.

He also attended “the best 3 years of my life” (his quote)  the High School of  Music and Art (part of the Fame

school,Wilkopedia link).  Click on the Gargoyle photo below for the reunion link of the school.

When we met he had a rent controlled apartment on the upper East side of Manhattan

on East End Avenue, a studio he rented for $300. a month!.


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